Contemporary Wildlife and Nature Photographers

I has become very apparent to me that I don’t know very much about other practitioners in the field and while I have seen work done by many of them over the years, I never paid much attention to the photographers or their stories.  The National Geographic series “Tales by Light” brought to focus a handful of well known practitioners.  I have upgraded equipment and have been working diligently to improve my skills with great success. Watching Tales by Light again I was able to appreciate it on an entirely different level.  Now undertaking the MA programme I find it necessary to be more rigorous  and “academic” in developing my research.

I have complied a list of photographers to investigate further.  As I look more closely at their work, technique, and presentation I will compile additional notes on things I feel are relevant to my practice and the field of nature photography in general that will contribute to my research.

  • Darren Jew
  • Richard I’Anson
  • Krystie Wright
  • Art Wolfe
  • Peter Eastway
  • Jonathon and Angela Scott
  • Eric Cheng
  • Stephen Dupont
  • Michael Aw
  • Martin Bailey
  • Karen Lunney
  • Jon Cornforth
  • Annette Bonnier
  • Jess Findlay
  • Mathew “Matty” Smith
  • Connor Stefanison
  • Stefano Unterthiner
  • Frans Lanting
  • Suzi Eszterhas
  • Will and Matt Burrar-Lucas
  • Andy Rouse
  • Joel Satore
  • Moose Peterson
  • Christopher Dodds
  • Mike Cavaroc
  • Ole Jorgen Lioddenn
  • Craig Jones
  • Charles Glatzer
  • Chris Packham
  • Peter Cairns
  • Richard Peters
  • Austin Thomas
  • Elliot Neep
  • Audun Dahl
  • Staffan Widstrand
  • Daisy Gilardini
  • Rathika Ramasamy
  • Gabriela Stabler
  • David Lloyd
  • Hideo Kisimoto
  • Neeta Madahar


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