Week 9 – Preparation for Exhibition

A considerable amount of my time this week was spent arranging for and making decisions about what photographs to include in my local exhibition.  Of course, that was tied closely to which photographs I would be including in my Work in Progress portfolio, my Oral Presentation and the Landings on-line exhibition.  I was successful in obtaining space in a local cafe/ deli which is also about to begin exhibiting another local artist’s work.  Her artwork is Scottish themed and tends toward the abstract, but her subject matter and palette are somewhat similar to the work I proposed to exhibit.  The owner’s of Grace Deli were quite excited by my work and were also keen on keeping some on after the exhibition period.  My work would be allocated wall space in and around that of the other artist in three main areas.  The idea behind my exhibition is Coul Links:  From Above, Beneath My Feet and In Between thematically breaks nicely into the three areas.  Final placement and choice will depend on the other artist’s installation which is supposed to happen later this week and I have selected a mix of A3 and A4 sized prints to allow for some flexibility in final placement.

I met with a local framer who will be mounting my work on backing with simple white matting. We decided simplicity and uniformity for this short exhibition was prudent.  Works to be left after the exhibition for sale will be framed and mounted with matting that is specifically appropriate to the individual piece.

With quite a lot of photographs from which to choose, I had to consider several aspects.

  1. How much space would I have?
  2. How would that space and the things around it affect the perception and context of my work?
  3. What would appeal to the owner’s and clients of the café given there is at present a high level of tourist trade as well as local clientele, and how can the presence of my work be beneficial to the owners?
  4. Since the Coul Links story is yet largely unwritten, which pieces of my work would indicate the direction it is heading and showcase the quality of my work to date?
  5. What could I get done in the short amount of time using only local and personal resources without losing sight of the other requirements of this module that must be completed by 24 August?

I hope I have chosen well, but that is what this experience will be about: going through the process, evaluating the outcomes and being better prepared for the next time.  This is relatively unplowed ground for me as it is only since beginning this course that I have been showing my work and contextualizing it in various ways.  I don’t expect this one to be perfect and I do expect to learn from it.  I also hope to have a bit of fun along the way.

The exhibition will begin with an opening reception on the evening of 16 August and run from 17 to 24 August at the Grace Deli in High Street, Dornoch.  I extend my gratitude to the the owner’s, Donald and Lorraine Goldsmith, for their support and generosity in offering their establishment to me.

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