Contemporary Photographers – Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario is an American photojournalist who I have come to consider among my favourite contemporary photographers.  She had no formal training when she began photographing as a professional in 1996 and yet her work is among the most powerful and evocative of any photojournalist today.  She is every bit on par with James Nachtwey in my view.

Lynsey Addario, The Displaced, Syria 2015

Addario masterfully pictures people in their environment, but with a far more intimate perspective than Simon Roberts and her focus is clearly more on the human side of the equation.  Though she approaches her craft from the perspective of a photojournalist, there results a far more portraitist quality in her work.  I can’t help but be moved by virtually every photo she has published, and each one seems to have the ability to, if not fully convey a story, to at least strongly suggest one.  While the character of her work doesn’t relate directly to mine, her ability to capture so much in a frame is something to which I aspire.

Lynsey Addario, Women At War, Afghanistan 2010

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