Week 1 – Tutorials

In the tutorial with Paul, I gave a short recap of the project I had been pursuing for the benefit of the others on the call who were not familiar with my work to date.  I discussed how the project had evolved and how the timing that has been affected by external forces has jeopardised the potential for the FMP.  It is a project I intend to continue to pursue even if it does not fit as an FMP.

Paul recommended an interesting element of a piece of work by Layla Curtis;  www.laylacurtis.com/work/project/45 titled Trespass in which she designed a phone app to guide people around a plot of land she had previously photographed and which had been recently fenced off to preclude access.  It was a clever way to promote her work.

The second recommendation was Lewis Bush’s work Shadow of the State; www.lewisbush.com/shadow-of-the-state-book/ in which the author imbedded bar codes that gave mapping information on the location of covert radio stations.

Both of these approaches were clever uses of technology to expand the experience of the author’s work beyond just looking at photographs.

In the group (of one) tutorial with Steph we covered so much that I have yet to fully explore all the references she suggested, but I will put here a brief summary of those I have and the remaining list to remind me of what is yet to be done.

Matt Jessop – Diverse commercial practitioner – couldn’t find any evidence of personal work

Matthew Murray – work can  be found at https://www.elliothall.com Of particular interest was his Saddleworth project which is a combination of grand landscapes augmented with closer looks at details within those landscapes.  Seems to have relevance to the line of research I have been pursuing and need to look at his work in more depth.

Nick Brandt – Inherit the Dust  I was familiar with this work and think it some of the most powerful and poignant work I have ever seen.  I is a superb example of rephotography and it is used to great effect.

David Company – Article Safety in Numbness which can  be found at https://davidcampany.com/safety-in-numbness/ provided a very interesting discussion on ‘Late Photography’ or Aftermath Photography, but not in the very immediate timeframe.  He explored the benefit of some degree of temporal detachment from the event and how that enabled a different perspective on the event.

Richard Misrach – I had seen some of Misrach’s work previously, notably the floating bodies in On the Beach, but discovered other of his projects that really intrigued me. I want to explore in more depth Desert Cantos and Chronologies, but unfortunately will need to get hold of the books once I return to Scotland because there is not much on-line that can be viewed.

Also suggested were the videos from San Francisco MOMA on the topic “Is Photography Over?” which can be found at www.sfmoma.org/photography-over/ and which I have not yet had time to explore.  On the to do list.

For further reading the following sources were cited:

Routledge – Introduction to Commmunnications

David Bate – Key Concepts inn Photography which is in my library and to which I have referred.

Fred Ritchin – After Photography and Bending the Frame  which will have to wait until later in February

Lev Manovich – on line at Manovich.net – Instagram in the Modern World

Charlotte Cotton – The Photograph as Contemporary Art in particular the chapters Subjective Witness and Deadpan

For Research Steph mentioned www.academia.edu


We discussed the project I had been doing and my concerns regarding the timing of it for FMP.  Steph indicated she thought it a great project that I need to continue to pursue.  She explained she likes @Photography with a purpose; socially conscious and meant to affect something.  I fully agree the project needs to continue, but its suitability for FMP remains in question.


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