Week 6 – Reflections

This week’s work was focused on the preparation and presentation to the tutors of our oral presentations.  I took the time to look at the exemplars that were posted and found them diverse and revelatory.  There were things I liked and disliked about each, but all displayed impressive depth and critical analyses of their influences, motivations and inspiration.  These are things I have not given enough thought before.

In the tutor review I got some very valuable feedback on the presentation content and the project which allowed me to think about the project in a different and more sustainable way.  It pointed out deficiencies in the depth of my research that I need to rectify.  I have been so focused on trying to decide what I wanted to do and how I might go about it that I hadn’t focused enough on critical analyses and research.

After the review I had a better frame of reference to re-examine and understand the exemplar presentations which helped a great deal in preparing the next draft of my oral presentation.  I have been struggling a bit with technology trying to find a platform to make the presentation come to life as I envision it.  I believe the content is now nearly nailed and the project Coul Links in much clearer in my mind and in the presentation.  A couple more tweaks on the presentation platform to improve the polish and I will be there.

Coul Links Small-0613

Coul Links Dunes and Dune Slacks (Dec 2017)

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