Week 7 – Faux Pas

The first of the exercises this week was to post an image that was captured by accident or was a mistake somehow, but that in the end was an image that held some interest or value

I was shooting photos from my deck with my 600mm lens when I noticed reflections in the windows of the wood behind the house.  To my eye the reflections were clear and intriguingly patterned, but the windows were just inside the minimum focal distance for that lens. When I downloaded the images, I was quite surprised at the stick creature running through the wood that appeared in front of me as I had not seen that shape with my eye when capturing the image.  Though abstract and far from the crisp realistic images for which I usually strive, I found the result hauntingly beautiful.

Stick Creature-3685

Quite interestingly when I designed and built this house, I found  slab of granite that I thought was the most amazing piece of natural art.  It is 5′ x 8′, weighs 750 lbs, and hangs on the wall of my dining room.  I was attracted to this particular piece of stone because of the colours, the striking veining that made it a Rohrshach test, and the particular image I saw when I looked at it.


The similarity to the reflected image is quite remarkable.  Chance; serendipity; my life is punctuated by aliens or woodland creatures?  No matter, I glad they are here for whatever reason and by whatever means.

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