Week 8 – Tutorial with Dr. Steph Cosgrove

In preparation for this tutorial I out together a PP as a prompt for some of the items I wanted to discuss and about which I had been ruminating as I work to resolve the specific direction of my FMP.  The pdf can be found at the hyperlink that follows.

The conversation with Steph was helpful and she thought the Beyond the Noise approach was very viable.  We discussed the concept for presentation and the attendant soundtrack and the idea of using the natural sounds of Coul Links as the background for the projected display.  I would also include “people noise” as background for the archival material,

Steph suggested I look at “Shores of an Island” by Breure and van Hulzen, Vivianne Sassen’s installation at TPG, Zed Nelson’s “Gun Nation”, Nicola Dove’s “Observance” and Richard Misrach’s “Desert”.  Shores of an Island and Observance both incorporate sound with subtly changing video scenes.  Sassen’s installation was a multimedia presentation.  Nelson’s work looked at a topic and then revisited the same people 20 years later, recording interviews and recreating the original photographs taken those many years ago. Misrach’s Desert is among the series of projects he did which are all studies of place.

While none precisely correspond to my project they each include elements from which I can learn.

Project Ideas rev 1_30 Jul

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