1-8 September

Yet another busy but productive week.

I visited the Highland Print Studio in Inverness and met with the Studio Manager and digital media printer John McNaught and found that he had just completed printing all of the photos for the 2019 FLOW Photo Fest which began 31 August and runs for a month.  I viewed some of the work at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery and was impressed with the quality of the work.  The Studio have state of the art large format printers and are happy to have my direct involvement in doing test strips and making sure that what is coming off the printer is indeed what I want and expect.  It is 45 minutes away and therefore very accessible and we can complete the work in a day.  I was also pleased to find the cost about half the going rate of that of the London or Edinburgh print shops for Giclee prints. John had a variety of papers available, but I quite like the paper that was used for all of the FLOW Photo Fest work, which even though it is technically a matte paper had virtually no detectable texture and provided great colour saturation and deep true blacks.  It will also work well in my exhibition space where I may not be able to have perfect lighting and the matte finish eliminates some reflection and glare without compromising fine detail that my photos require.

I am so pleased with what I found in Inverness that I have cancelled my scheduled visits to Edinburgh and London and have committed to do my printing at the Highland Print Studio.  Now I just need to finalise my edit.

I continued work on editing the second video, “The Changing Faces of Coul Links”, and doing the usual fight with Adobe Premiere.  Despite the obstreperousness of the program I am making progress and have sequenced segments from different months of the year from the programmed route I have the drone fly around the site.  I have to add some graphics yet and do some final tweaking of the transition points to fit it into the soundtrack I have chosen to use.

I have started thinking about some of the supporting materials that will be required for the exhibition such as advertising posters and the graphical material that will be part of the exhibition itself.  One of those is of course the “Artist’s Statement” and I have been compiling notes and thoughts and expect to start creating drafts next week.

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