25 – 31 August

This week was largely consumed with editing video and sound to finalise the first of two video pieces that will be included in my exhibition and the one that addresses the primary theme “Beyond the Noise”.  I have now what I consider a virtually final cut and although there could yet be some minor changes, it is in a very publishable state.

I also began compiling from the archive the aerial video sequences that show some of the more dramatic seasonal changes that occur at Coul Links and hope to complete that over the next two weeks.

I also spent part of the week researching potential sources for my large format prints.  I looked at options in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness.  I progressed as far as I could with on-line research and need now to make some site visits to discuss my needs with the shops directly.  I have scheduled visits in Inverness next week and two weeks subsequent in Edinburgh.  I would ideally like to find a place comparatively close so that I can easily get there to work with the printer on test strips and evaluating the output in comparison to my screen and proof prints.  While I considered the possibility of constructing lightboxes and printing on Duratrans, I have eliminated that due to the cost and the short duration of the exhibition.  Additionally, while it might be attractive for an installation it is less likely to be something most people would consider purchasing whereas a print would work better for most people.

I also finalised the booking on my exhibition hall and now have the Dornoch Social Club booked for 1-2 November.  There will be a private invitation only premiere on the evening of the 1st and then a open public exhibition on the 2nd.  I will be testing various equipment and setups to determine which provides the best result with the least amount of complexity over the coming weeks.  I also will be testing various methods of hanging the large format prints and working out the layouts for the installation.


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