Week ? – 18-24 Aug

Truth be told, I have completely lost track of what week of term it is and have been so busy doing that I have gotten slightly behind on writing.  That said I have accomplished a good bit.

I continue to record additional sound tracks to get a suitable array of nature sounds to accompany the Beyond the Noise video.  I am pleased with the progress in recording quality and with my editing ability in Adobe Audition.  I continued to refine the video sequence and was able to show another version in the evening guest critique with Krishna.  The feedback on the concept was very positive and the consensus was the imagery chosen was good.  There was some glitchiness in the video playback that may have resulted from bandwidth issues and it will require further investigation.  There is interesting divergence on the part of those who have seen the video on the size of the font used on the section headers.  Wendy thought my initial version had font that was too large, so I eliminated words, simplified the flow and reduced the font size.  Krishna and Mick thought perhaps the font was too small and those slides went by rather too quickly.  So, I will look at that again.

I made a preliminary booking for the hall where I plan to exhibit and took some basic measurements.  It is a space with which I am well familiar which is helpful, but I still need to do detailed space layouts.

I also began finalising the edit of photos that I intend to print and am now making curatorial decisions on which of those will be printed in what size.  I am also weighing the options of  type of printing I will use for the large format prints and whether they will be C type, Giclee or Duratrans for installation in a lightbox.

I also this week attended two exhibitions in Edinburgh.  The first was a small exhibition in the Ocean Terminal in Lieth by the Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers titled “Intimate Landscapes”.  This was of particular interest to me since much of my recent work is very much in this category. It was also useful from the standpoint of learning how others value their work for sale. I did feel my work is every bit on par with that which was on exhibit.

The second was the World Press Photography exhibition in the Scottish Parliament building. The exhibit consisted of photos which had been awarded prizes in a number of different categories of journalism photography.  Most as one might expect were of horrors that humans have managed to inflict upon each other and themselves.  There were not many happy endings on view. I found quite remarkable how vividly portrayed were many of the stories in both series and single images with relatively little need for words to accompany them. Moving, poignant, sometimes appalling and heart-breaking, these were photographs that deservedly made their way through the down selection from tens of thousands of submissions to the hundred or so that won recognition.



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